Are you having trouble opening the pump for the newest product you bought? Well I have a quick fix for you. Normally you would put your finger on this part of the pump and twist it open, but sometimes they can get really tough to open.  Take the pump out of the bottle, rinse off the shaft and dry it. Then you're going to firmly grip the shaft just under the collar of the pump and firmly twist to the right. That will pop the pump open, put the pump back in the bottle and you're ready to use your new product. I hope that helps!


Thank you so much. Needless to say I had this problem for years. You are a God-send!

Ellie Weingardt May 03, 2021

Thanks very much for this video. I was able to get pliers on the collar and then twist the nozzle, avoiding having to deal with the pump itself. BUT…the direction to twist the nozzle varies from product to product. There is an arrow on the top of the nozzle indicating the direction, but it’s quite hard to read.

Bob April 29, 2021

Read carefully… ALL the posts. Notice how many bottles have been discarded? The next Greatest Marketing New Idea following planned obsolesce . Always turn to the “other right”. Right?

Duh? April 29, 2021

Thank You!

Bill April 29, 2021

You’ve just changed my life.

Anne April 20, 2021

This worked!! Thank you so much!!

Maria April 06, 2021

Thank you so much for this!! I DESPISE these pumps and have previously just given up, but this worked as easily as the video made it seem like it would. Thank you!!

Raya April 06, 2021

It worked for us, but we had to use a needle nosed plier to grip the shaft.

Belinda Owens April 06, 2021

The way you told me to open my pump bottle of suave body wash did not work. I tried every way listed. Will not buy this again!

Judith Callison April 06, 2021

I believe you must turn to the left. I followed your instructions to turn to the right and nothing. As soon as I turned counterclockwise (left) it opened right up. All other directions I looked at say’left’ or counterclockwise.

Kwatkins April 06, 2021

I cannot thank you enough! I always have trouble with these bottles and this way saved the day. After drying it off I still had to use one of those plastic grippy things for opening jars, but that did the trick

Lara April 06, 2021

Thank you!

Colleen April 06, 2021

thank you! this worked when several other videos did not help. <3

emily April 06, 2021

OMG I have hated opening these type of pump bottles for decades. In the past I have just given up – your method worked! Thank you so much!

Donna February 10, 2021

Worked on a pesky bottle of Hand Sanitizer!

Jason February 10, 2021

Awesome, worked

Debra April 06, 2021

When the middle section is jammed into the screw cap, this method won’t work. I just use the previous functioning pump and throw the new one away. Use the pump from the empty bottle and put into the new bottle.

Terri February 10, 2021

Nope. I’ve had same problem with other products. Why can’t the geniuses design something that works, or JUST GIVE US SOMETHING THAT WORKS!

J Craft February 10, 2021

Followed your trick to open the nossle of my 1kg QV body cream. I had almost given up and was dreading the thought of pouring out the cream for the next couple of months. You saved me months of frustration. Thank you :)

Faith Benjaathonsirikul January 25, 2021

Nope. Did not work.

Andria January 25, 2021

It worked. Thanks so much. I have had this happen many times so now I can fix

Jo Pearl January 25, 2021

OMG, why I never googled this before…thank you, I can’t count the number of times I have thrown stuff out because I gave up, or wasted money buying another bottle I didnt need just to use the first one, or dumping stuff into other bottles, borrowing pumps from different bottles, saying screw it and just dumping into hands (my kids love it because when the pump wont open they just dump shampoo into tub and say “bubble bath time” and that gets expensive).

Just thank you

Lori January 25, 2021

Thanks for sharing! I’m elderly and I was so frustrated!

Cora Thomas January 25, 2021


Charity January 25, 2021

Thank you for this tip. I often have trouble releasing top on soap dispenser. This worked a treat.

Sue January 25, 2021

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