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Hi there, it's Tova Tuesdays and I'm Tova the T in T•LANGHANS Artisanal Spa Products. I just took off my makeup using the Oil Cleanse Method and now I'm going to show you how I did it.

The theory behind the oil cleanse method is that like cleans like. I've got a full face of makeup on and I'm going to take it all off with virgin olive oil.  I'm going to pour a quarter size of olive oil in the palm of my hand and I will anoint myself with the oil and get it on my face evenly.


When you've got just a little left in your palm, scoop it up, rub your fingers together and start massaging the oil into your face. Those with oily skin or have issues with black heads or white heads, might want to put some castor oil in the olive oil as well. Castor oil is more of an astringent and cleans even deeper than just straight olive oil. The trick is finding out what percentage of castor oil you want in the blend of oils. Massage the oil into your skin to soften up any hard dirt that might be packed into you pores. Then take a clean face cloth and run that under hot water. Wring out the face cloth, if it's too hot let it cool a touch then place it on your face for a nice steam. Gently wipe your face with the cloth, rinse and repeat with the other side of the face cloth. I like to let the face cloth dry overnight before I throw it in my face cloth hamper and I'll use a fresh face cloth the next day. Now use just 2 or 3 more drops of olive oil to moisturize your face and your're done! I like to do the oils cleanse method before bed because your skin does 80% of it's healing and rejuvenating while you sleep.

When I first came across this strange technique to clean your face I was very skeptical. I've been doing it for 5 years now and I'll never go back to using a commercial cleanser. It helps me control my rosacea and my 52 year old skin has never been happier!

I'd love to see the results you get from trying the oil cleanse method yourself. Tag me @tova_langhans on instagram!

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Recently, a customer had some questions about my Cleansing Hair Conditioner and her concern about WEN and their class action lawsuit. I'd like to share some of that conversation with you.

Q) What exactly is Cleansing Hair Conditioner? 

A) Cleansing Hair Conditioner washes and conditions your hair in one step. I don't want to call it a 2 in 1 because it's not like that. It has no foaming surfactants in it. What it does do is; gently clean your hair without stripping all of the natural sebum from your scalp. A Cleansing Conditioner should become your #1 tool to clean your hair. The shampoo & conditioner you currently use, and most likely contains sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, becomes your secondary cleansing system. You would use your commercial shampoo as a clarifying treatment every 4 or 8 washes, depending on your use of styling products and how dry or oily your hair is.

I'll give you 3 personal case studies:

My Husband: He's a landscaper. He comes home with stone dust, soil, sunscreen, you name it in his hair. He cleans his hair EVERYDAY with my product. He uses a commercial shampoo & conditioner (right now we have Live Clean in the house) every 8 weeks and then goes back to my product.

My Daughter: She has long, straight and fine hair. She washes her hair every other day with my product. I'll have her use Live Clean shampoo & conditioner every 2 weeks or so. However the last time she used Live Clean she complained of having an itchy scalp and dandruff, but that may be due to not rinsing properly. I also found I needed something stronger in the summer months to get all the pool chlorine out of her hair.

Me: I have fine (but lots of it), 50 year old hair that is going through that transformation from smooth and silky to grey, coarse and curly. I wash my hair with my CC every 3rd day, maybe stretch it to 4 with a ponytail or bun. I will use a regular shampoo & conditioner every 8 - 10 weeks.

Benefits I've experienced from using a Cleansing Conditioner:

  • My hair colour lasts much longer than it used to
  • I don't get split ends anymore
  • My hair doesn't experience static electricity in the dry winter months
  • I don't get that noticeable bump in my hair after I've been wearing a ponytail all day

Q) What about WEN and their class action lawsuit?

A) I don't test on animals, just my family and we have been using a version of my Cleansing Conditioner for about 3 years now and none of us are losing our hair. I'm not a scientist so I really can't explain why these women are losing their hair and if Wen is the culprit. What I do know is that Wen has at least 29 ingredients in it. One of them is Fragrance which can contain dozens of chemicals to create that scent, many of them possible carcinogens. T•LANGHANS Cleansing Hair Conditioner has 17 ingredients, one is virgin coconut oil and castor oil, another is quinoa and 5 of them are essential oils. That being said, I'm still not sure Wen has anything to do with the hair loss these women are experiencing. When I'm at trade shows I'm shocked to see how prevalent female baldness is! Next time your out and about, pay attention to how many women have thin hair at the crown of their head, you'll be surprised. I think this may have more to do with the nasty ingredients that are commonly used by most personal care, mass market brands and the GMO's in the food we eat today... to just name a few possible causes.

It's time to get back to simplicity. That's why I challenge my self to create an effective product with as few ingredients as possible.

I hope this answered all of your questions!

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Hello I'm Tova Langhans, the "T" in T•LANGHANS Artisanal Spa Products. So we've done part 1& 2 of the Journey to T•LANGHANS and today is Part 3. It's the summer of 2011 and it's also what I call the Summer of Farmer's Markets. While I was at OSEB in the spring, I had narrowed down the kind of soap I was going to make. During my market research I could see that a lot of soap makers were doing a blended soap and calling it Castile and an authentic Castile should only be made from olive oil and that is what I decided I was going to make. So I started to do farmer's markets to see if the essential oil blends that I like, do other people like it? In the meantime, I'm also working closely with my neighbour Joe to develop my brand, I've come up with the matchbox style packaging foe my soap, Joe has created a prototype and has also found the right suppliers to make that packaging a reality. And we also found out that Joe has the skill for making branded soap molds. Pretty talented guy huh? So I now have Tova branded soap, I've got my Tova Naturals packaging, I've done my photography with my good friend John Emrys whom I've worked with in the past during my modeling years and my website is built and ready to go and it's now the spring of 2012 and I'm ready to do my first big show which is the Toronto Yoga Conference. It was a really, really good show, a great place to soft launch the brand.I was speaking to a demographic of people who really understood what it was I was doing. They understood the importance of only using olive oil in my soap formula, only using essential oils to scent it. They loved the packaging, the marketing, everything about the company was well received. Little did I know, there was a couple of very important people who came by my booth. Two days after the show I got a phone call from Roots! Yes, Roots! It turns out that Don Green and his wife Denyse, Don is the co-founder of Roots, they came by and checked out my little company and were very impressed with what they saw. They took my business card and gave it to their head buyer, Rima, and told her to call me. It was amazing, I was on cloud 9 when I got that phone call. So I met with Rima, she saw my product for herself and she was very impressed and they were pretty set to place an order with me for the upcoming holiday season. A couple days later I got another phone call and this time it was from Tova... Tova Borgnine, ya that Borgnine! It turns out that Tova Borgnine has a beauty company in America, in L.A. and she has trademarked the name Tova. And she called to let me know that I had to cease & desist using my name. Wow, that was pretty devastating, it was like asking me to rename my child! I was a little nervous to phone Roots and tell them what had happened, but Rima was amazing, she was so supportive. She just started brainstorming with me - What's the name of your daughter? What's the name of your dog? WE didn't go with any of those but I knew that when my branding was done they were still going to order. I must admit that if I hadn't had that interest from Roots I might have just thrown in the towel because you literally have to start over! New packaging, new molds, new everything! From the response I had at the yoga show and from Roots, I knew I had something good and I just had to move forward. So the brainstorming began of different names; True Castile, Total Castile, looking at Sanskrit names but nothing felt right. Tova Naturals was built around me and using some random name just didn't feel right. That was when Joe suggested T.L and I was like " T.L what does that even mean? No one's going to get it." And then he put that little interpunct in there and I knew I had my brand. So we started moving forward, rebuilding the new brand, but I also had 300lbs of Tova branded soap to deal with and that's when I decided to make Lemonade out of the Lemon's I had been dealt. I found a cause called the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, The CCAA, where they help women, children and men that have been victims of domestic abuse. I was able to deliver my 300lbs of soap to their headquarters and gift something nice to people who have had a lot of adversity in their lives and it felt really, really good and I've been wanting to do something like that ever since and now I think I've come up with something that will allow me to do this on an ongoing basis and it's called T•L•C. T•LANGHANS•CARES. What it's going to be is a subscription box filled with my products that's going to be delivered 4 times a year and a portion of those proceeds are going to go to a cause. The first one is going to be SickKids which is a cause very dear to my heart. You'll find out later what that's all about in a future video. After that the T•L•C Members are going to decide what cause we will champion next each season. So you see, it was important to tell you about the journey that I've been on that brought me here. From following my first passion as a child, which lead me to meeting some really important people, to being knocked down and having to start over and finding the silver lining in having to regroup and rename, it's lent it's self to creating a beautiful cause that I'm really, really excited about. I hope you'll share this and let everyone know about T•L•C. T•L•C is going to give back to some pretty incredible causes and I can't wait to get started. So stay tuned for more information about T•L•C and T•LANGHANS and about Tova!
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Learn how following my original passion, horses, lead me to my ultimate passion, T•LANGHANS Eco~Luxury Body Care.
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