There are so many hand and body creams out there. So how to know which ones are worth it? That was my challenge before creating our T•L Hand and Body cream. I wanted something gentle yet moisturizing, that lasted but didn’t feel greasy, and that was natural and safe for my family to use. I chose only natural, quality ingredients until I found the right combination that literally felt right. Then add one of our signature Essential Oil blends and voila!...T•L Hand and Body was born.

Rose can be a divisive scent.  Most either love it or hate it.  Our Rose is blended with other essential oils that bring out it's natural florals without being too cloying.  We only carry it from November to March so get it while you can. 

We have many customers with sensitive skin and other skin issues that have found our product gentle enough to soothe and moisturize. We’re here to help so if you have any questions or concerns about this or any product on our site, we are just a click away.