Eco~Luxury Body Care

What Our Customers Are Saying...

This product is unspeakably tagged as magic potion for my hair! How do I even begin to define the elation I have when thinking about this product and using it?!?!? Firstly, it gives back to your hair! Hair has a long standing history of being that mark of female beauty, and ladies if your hair is something you want to preserve, maintain and sing about, not having this stocked in your bathroom is serving as an injustice to your hair. Secondly, the efficiency, substance and smell of this product simply makes me want to dance and sing before washing my hair. I wash my hair about 2 or 3x a week because I am very active with my fitness lifestyle, and I now completely enjoy washing my hair. The results of softness, natural shine and radiance, plus it makes for easy combing of wet hair which makes me happy knowing my money was well spent with Tova. Her description of her own product is truth, but until the hair is washed with said product does the truth become empowered and alive. Knowing that you only need one wash and you leave it in while you continue your in shower routine, solidifies the hair cleansing, treatment and beautifying process even more. Just leaving it in your hair while finishing up your bathing routine welcomes the return of health and moisture to your hair. In sum, Tova is a beautiful and radiant woman inside and out, and I am thoroughly happy to have crossed paths with her as she is an eco-business woman I admire - I no longer use my previous "drug store" shampoos...I truly never liked them for my own philosophy of eco/healthy living, and commend the work Tova puts into her natural products. Thank you Tova!

~ Charlene Blake-Shillingford, Ajax, ON


 My dear Tova....your soap is simply beautiful......

I was working in New York last week, and did not arrive back until Friday night. I opened the samples you sent to me to find these lovely, sophisticated boxes of pure delight. So much so, that I could barely decide which bar was coming to the bath with me that night, as I washed away the stress of my trip. I especially love the loofah “soap dish” and the selection of fragrances used in each box. I decided on Patchouli, as it is one of my favorite scents. What I noticed from your products is how delightfully soft and hydrated my skin was after I had rinsed off, which is not too common with mainstream handmade soaps today. Your soaps are definitely unique and deserved of the artisanal tag. Thank you so much for the beautiful selection. I will be hiding them from my “boys”. They are my pure indulgence.....

~ Darlene Maillet
Eminence Organics ~ Executive Education and Sales Manager, Ontario and New York Region
Nominated "Service Provider of the Year" - Oakville Awards of Excellence

I love the handcream -the perfect cream for a Chef who washes hands so many times a day!
All the best to you & your fine Team!

~ Mark Pollard, President, Sprucewood Brands