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Aleppo For Lives
Aleppo For Lives

Aleppo For Lives

Aleppo For Lives was inspired by a Friendship, a War, a Laurel Leaf and a need to Help. Click the link for the Full Story.

What Is Aleppo Soap?

First crafted in Syria over 3000 years ago, secret family recipes have been handed down over generations with very little changing from the original. Aleppo soap makers use the "Hot Process" method:

Huge in-ground vats of olive oil, water and lye are brought to a boil using underground fires and are kept boiling for 3 days. At this point, Laurel Leaf oil is mixed into the hot thick liquid and then poured onto the factory floor that has been lined with wax paper. Workers strap wooden planks for their feet and walk on the cooling soap to smooth it out and make it an even thickness. The next day a special rake is used to cut the soap into individual bars which are then stamped with the artisan's name. 

Next, the bars are stacked in staggard rows to allow maximum circulation. Once they have sufficiently dried they will be stacked in a special subterranean chamber to cure for another 6 months to a year. This curing process is to allow any excess lye to burn off, water content to reduce and the colour on the outside of the bar to change to a pale gold.

What Is Aleppo For Lives Soap?

This T•LANGHANS Castile offering is our homage to the ancient Aleppo Soap. T•L soap is created with the "Cold Process" method:

Extra virgin olive oil, distilled water, lye and sodium lactate, a natural preservative, are blended together at room temperature. When the soap batter has reached a certain thickness, Laurel Leaf Oil is mixed in. The soap is then poured into T•L branded silicone moulds and left to continue the saponification process over the next 24 hours. Then the soap is removed from the mould, cut into bars and placed on curing shelves for a minimum of 2 weeks. T•LANGHANS bars only require 

When I created my T•LANGHANS recipes I had the luxury of using digital scales which allowed me to formulate so that 15% of the olive oil was left unsaponified - not changed into soap - this means there is no excess lye. The water content in our recipes is also reduced which means shorter curing times. Because the soap mixture was not boiled for 3 days it is already a pale gold.

Who Benefits From Your Purchase?

When you purchase Aleppo For Lives you will be helping our Syrian friends here and abroad. Half the proceeds from the sale of this soap will be donated to a family in our hometown of Uxbridge and the Red Cross Syrian Fund. T•LANGHANS has committed to this cause for one year, ending March 2018.


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Contains a very high concentration of Squalene, a very powerful antioxidant. It is also rich in vitamins A, D, and K, as well as vitamin E. It is an excellent moisturizer and fights off bacteria, which is perfect for acne prone skin.

Sodium Hydroxide 
Originally discovered as a by-product of hardwood ash, sodium hydroxide is now manufactured to create a cleaner product. When sodium hydroxide and oil are mixed together a chemical reaction called saponification occurs. The end product is soap. If the recipe is properly calculated, no excess lye remains in the soap. In fact, T•L Bars are formulated to have an abundance of olive oil unsaponified, which makes them super moisturizing!

Handmade in Uxbridge, Ontario

*Appearance of product may vary due to handcrafted nature*