Sea Soak


Sea Soak

My husband Rob has always enjoyed a nice hot bath at the end of every workday.  As a formulator, I knew I could create a soak for him that would both relax his muscles and revive his mind. The result is my T•LANGHANS Sea Soak. He’s been using it for years and finally convinced me to share it with my customers. Not only does it have a great scent, but also many therapeutic benefits for tired, achy muscles.

T•L Sea Soak contains:
Epsom Salts: known for relaxing muscles and relieving minor arthritic pain
Sea Salt: stimulates circulation and relieves stiffness in joints
Dendritic Salt: Maintains essential oils scent longer allowing for prolonged aromatherapy benefits.
Essential Oils:  Our Revive scent contains a blend of essential oils that will help clear and refocus your mind. 

We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as Rob does.