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    The saying 'necessity is the mother of invention' couldn't be truer when it comes to this latest product. Hand Sanitizer was so off my radar as a new product, it might as well have been on another planet. I am a real soap girl through and through. I've never used a hand sanitizer that I like, but it became glaringly clear that I'd better get busy making one.

    Our House Blend Hand Sanitizer spray follows the WHO 75% Alcohol Recipe, but with a T•L twist... House Blend Essential Oil and Olive Squalane!

    What is the House Blend scent? To learn more, click HERE.

    Olive Squalane is a luxurious and sophisticated moisturizing agent that is used extensively in both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industries. Olive oil is the vegetable source that is most abundant in this protective “green” emollient, which results from the unsaponifiable fractions of olive oil.

    Squalane is easily absorbed by human skin because it is a derivative of the unsaturated terpene hydrocarbon called Squalene, an oily molecule that occurs naturally in the sebum of human skin. With age, the skin’s natural squalene production begins to decline. In the cosmetic industry this light, odour-free, and non-staining vegetable-based fluid has earned the nickname “Liquid Gold.”

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    **All our products are handcrafted, packaged, and labelled in Canada by a small group of very dedicated women who are passionate about creating quality products just for you.

    NPN NUMBER: 80099422

    • Isopropyl Alcohol 75%
    • Distilled Water
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Glycerin
    • Olive Squalane
    • House Blend Essential Oil

    Of the 9 oils in House Blend

    • 5 are Antiseptic
    • 3 are Antibacterial
    • 1 is a Disinfectant.
    Are T•L products vegan?

    All our products are vegan and therefore contain no animal products EXCEPT for our T•L Sugar Polish. T•L Sugar Polish contains honey from a local beehive.

    Are T•L products nut-free?

    YES! T•L products do not contain any peanut or tree nuts and they are produced in a nut-free studio. For a list of ingredients please check the Ingredient tab for each product.

    Are T•L products cruelty-free?

    YES! T•L products are not tested on any animals. Only friends and family are used to test new formulations and products. We also send products that require a preservative to an independent testing facility to ensure they are safe for use and to determine shelf life.

    Are T•L products gluten-free?

    YES! We don’t use any wheat-based products or derivatives in any of our formulations.

    What is Castile soap?

    Castile soap originated in Spain, 1000-2000 years ago (the date is up for debate). It was coveted by royalty across Europe and quickly became known as “The Queen of Soaps.” I like to call it the “Original Luxury Bar.” True Castile soap (like T•L soap) is made with 100% olive oil only. Other types of vegetable oils should not be in the formula.

    Why doesn't T•L soap foam as much as other soap?

    This is because we do not add any foaming agents like SLS to our products. We believe there are not enough benefits compared to the downsides of what these types of ingredients bring. Our soap will foam with a little more emulsifying with your hands or using a body buff. Click HERE to learn more about SLS.

    What is Castile bar soap?
    • T•L Castile bars are handmade in small batches using the Cold Process method but without the use of external heat. This maintains the beneficial qualities of the ingredients. Most Cold Process soapers use heat to melt the solid fats and then combine their ingredients at 100ºF to 120ºF.
    • Glycerin is a naturally occurring byproduct of saponification (the chemical reaction between fat & lye). Cold Process soaps maintain all the glycerin created during this process. Most commercial companies extract the glycerin from the soap to use in other products like lotions or creams and then replace the glycerin with synthetic moisturizers.
    • T•L CASTILE IS A GLYCERIN SOAP. Glycerine (with an “e”) is a trade name used to describe transparent bars. Glycerine bars are generally made with alcohol and need to be wrapped in plastic or they will dry out and crack. Cold Process bars need to breathe and should not be wrapped in plastic. Castile bars like T•L bars are a natural humectant, drawing moisture to themselves.
    Some more things to know about T•L bar soaps:
    • For clients with sensitivity to fragrance or issues with eczema, we recommend the Goat’s Milk & Oatmeal Bar.
    • To get a good lather with the soap, use a body buff.
    • The soap is mild enough to use on babies.
    T•L bar soap good for shaving?

    YES! Because T•L Castile is 100% olive oil, it has a more slippery consistency, making it perfect for shaving. It also won’t leave your skin feeling dry like most alcohol-based shaving creams and gels. The soap is mild enough to shave with anywhere on your body.

    What do I use the loofah slice for?

    Each bar soap comes with a complimentary loofah slice. Put the slice in your soap dish and keep the soap on top of it. This will keep the soap dry between uses, prolonging the life and avoiding the goopy mess you get if the soap sits in water. If the loofah gets a bit messy, just rinse it out and reuse it. Best of all, the loofah is biodegradable, so just put it in your garden or green bin when you no longer need it.

    Ack, my soap is all slimy and half of it has washed down the drain!

    Not to worry! Good quality soaps will get softer in water than others. All our soaps need to be kept dry between washes which is why we include a loofah slice with each purchase. Put the loofah on your soap dish and place the soap on the loofah. This allows air to circulate around the soap, keep it dry until the next time you use it. If the soap does get gooey, you can use this to shave with.

    This soap brick is huge and hard to use, can I cut it?

    Absolutely! Most people will cut the soap down to their preferred size. For cubes, this is usually two pieces and for bricks, this is three or four. Just use a regular sharp kitchen knife and it will cut like a firm cheese or butter. Put any remaining soap back in the box and place it in a drawer or closet to get some extra aromatherapy from the essential oils.

    I found one of your soaps at the back of my drawer (oops). It must be a year old or more. Is it still okay to use?

    Soaps are a wonderful thing that, like fine wines, can get better with age. Aged soaps will become harder as more of the water in the soap evaporates over time. You may also notice that the scent dissipates over time. It is important to keep your soap in its box when not in use. This will help preserve the scent for longer. Oxidation (like an apple going brown after it has been cut) can occur, which may show on the soap as a light orange spot (or as we in the biz call it, “DOS” (Dreaded Orange Spot)). While not as pretty, it does not affect the soap’s quality.

    How do I use T•L Sugar Polish?
    1. In the shower: After your normal cleansing routine, grab a scoop of sugar polish and rub it gently wherever you need some exfoliating or extra moisturizing. Legs, feet, elbows; wherever! Rinse away the sugar and you’re done. Pat dry and you’ll find you are left with delightfully moisturized skin.
    2. On the face: Once a week, T•L Sugar Polish can be used on the face. Skin should be freshly cleansed and wet. Using a small amount, rub it gently on the face, then rinse off the sugar. Pat dry and moisturize if needed.
    3. On the lips: T•L Sugar Polish is a great way to slough off dry skin from chapped lips. Click HERE for a short how-to video.
    Is T•L Sugar Polish safe to use anywhere on the body?

    T•L Sugar Polish should always be used on wet skin. On the face, use it no more than once a week as exfoliants used more often can be damaging to delicate facial skin. We recommend avoiding using it on your ‘delicate’ areas as that skin is also much more tender. It also should not be used on your hair as it will leave a moisturizing layer that would make hair heavy. After using our sugar, towel dry or wash your hands before touching your hair. Other than those areas, the rest of your body will love it.

    Will the oil clog my pores?

    Some oils like coconut oil are known to clog pores, but T•L Cleansing Face Oil uses only extra-virgin olive oil which does not have a clogging effect and is gentle on the skin.

    I have oily skin and am prone to acne. Will T•L Cleansing Face Oil work for me?

    T•L Cleansing Face Oil is well suited for oily skin. The olive oil will attach to the excess oils on your face without removing good ones so it doesn’t have a drying effect. It is especially gentle on acne-prone skin as it doesn’t dry out or sting on blemishes like soaps or cleansers often do.

    Is T•L Cleansing Face Oil good for dry skin?

    YES! Our “left hand” Laura has very dry skin and is a convert to T•L Cleansing Face Oil. We know what your thinking: “Of course she likes the product, she works for T•L!” It actually took us over a year to finally convince her to ditch her old soap and try T•L Cleansing Face Oil. What finally clinched it was when she had a severe rosacea/eczema breakout around her nose. It was very raw and itchy and soap just made it worse. She then tried the T•L Cleansing Face Oil and found her skin felt so much better. While she had tried several prescription creams to reduce the breakout, it wasn’t until she started using the T•L Cleansing Face Oil that she finally started getting relief. A year later and she hasn’t had a breakout since!

    Does T•L Cleansing Conditioner foam like shampoo?

    No, using T•L Cleansing Conditioner is like washing your hair with conditioner. It does not foam at all, but the cleansing ingredients in the formula will clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils (like sebum).

    Is T•L Cleansing Conditioner only good for people with dry hair?

    No, the conditioner is suitable for all hair types.

    Can T•L Cleansing Conditioner be used for anything else?

    YES! If you prefer to still use a shampoo, you can use T•L Cleansing Conditioner as a regular conditioner. It also doubles as an excellent shaving cream for anywhere on your body.

    My skin feels oily after applying the serum.

    Try using a bit less of the product. You shouldn’t need more than 4-5 drops. When applied, your skin should feel moisturized but not greasy.

    Since I use such a small amount it’s hard to apply evenly on my skin.

    After dispensing the serum onto your palm, try anointing several areas of your skin with just your fingertip then use your palms to spread it around.

    My skin still feels dry after using your cream.

    T•L Face Cream is light in texture which means you may need some additional moisturizer, especially in winter. Our “left hand” Laura, who has very dry skin, uses the T•L Face Serum as a base and then applies the T•L Face Cream on top. In the summer this works well but in the winter she finds she still needs an additional thicker moisturizer.

    These would make a great wedding guest gift. Do you sell in larger quantities at a discount price?

    YES! Pricing depends on how many you’d like and whether you’d want a personalized card printed with the order. Just send us an email with your request and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Send to: tova@tlanghans.com

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