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A new featured blend every month

Liquid Castile Soap - Featured Blend (Limited Edition)

Every month we will be offering a new Featured Flavour. Check back monthly to see our latest limited edition scent. Once they're gone, they're gone.

NOW AVAILABLE - Patchouli Blend. Since our Lemon Verbena was so popular and sold out before May even started (!!) we've decided to pull up June's featured blend Patchouli. This amazing scent is a customer favourite. Tova's signature blend highlights the best of Patchouli without being overpowering.


Just looking to sample some new scents or want to try it before you go big, we've got your covered. NOTE: Our 100ml label is a different colour than our 250ml Featured Blend as we transition to some new colours. To check the scent you've received just use your nose and there will be some extra digits after the batch code on the back. For example for Lemon Verbena you will see an LV after the batch number. For Patchouli you will see PAT. 

***For Lavender please go to our Lavender Castile page here  


Our Cruelty-Free products are proudly made in Canada.🍁

Lavender Diffuser Oil

Need help sleeping?

Diffuser Oil - Lavender (summer seasonal)

NOTE: This sku is a summer seasonal product. It is available from April to November or while supplies last.

Did you know Lavender promotes relaxation? It's the perfect scent to wind down the day. Put a few drops in your diffuser in the bedroom will help calm the mind. No diffuser? No problem! Just add a few drops to the inside of your pillow case or on a cotton ball beside the bed and let Lavender relax you as you fall asleep.

Enjoy our popular Lavender scent in a diffuser oil. Your whole home can smell like calming lavender fields.

Our Cruelty-Free products are proudly made in Canada.🍁


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