T·L·C Rewards FAQ

Here is everything you need to know about the T·L·C Rewards program. Just click a link below to find the information you're looking for. Still can't find the answer? No worries, you can reach us several ways:
Shopify Chat: Click the message bubble at the bottom of the screen
Phone: 647-361-7627
Email: laura@tlanghans.com
What is the T·L·C Rewards program?

T·L·C Rewards allows you to earn TOVA COINS when you make purchases at www.tlanghans.com which you can then redeem for discounts on purchases or free shipping.

For every dollar before tax and shipping that you spend, you will earn 1 TOVA COIN. Once you've earned 100 TOVA COINS, you can start redeeming. Each 100 TOVA COINS is worth $5 and you can redeem as many increments of 100 as you like at a time (up to 1000 TOVA COINS). That means if you have 500 TOVA COINS you could redeem all 500 for a $25 discount on your order of $50 or more.

How to redeem?

How to earn?

What are TOVA COINS?
TOVA COINS are the points you can earn with T·L·C Rewards. Earning enough TOVA COINS can get you perks like a discount on your T·L order or free shipping!
How do I sign up for T·L·C Rewards?
You are automatically signed up for the T·L·C Rewards program when you create an account on www.tlanghans.com. You can access your T·L·C Rewards summary by clicking the present icon at the bottom of the screen. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up here!
Where do I find my total TOVA COINS?
You can see your total number of TOVA COINS at the top of your T·L·C Rewards summary. You can access your account by clicking the present icon at the bottom of your screen. You must be logged in to your account to see your points total.
How do I redeem my TOVA COINS?
If you are already at Check Out, return to your cart via the navigation bar below your order summary.
Return to cart
Click the present icon in the bottom corner of the screen.
Click the present icon
If you have not yet redeemed any TOVA COINS, click the 'Ways to redeem' button.
Click 'Ways to redeem'
Once you've selected your chosen reward, click 'Redeem' to redeem the reward. If you have more than 100 TOVA COINS and want to redeem an order discount, you can move the slider to increase the discount in increments of $5. Each 100 TOVA COINS is worth $5.
Click 'Redeem' to redeem code
Move slider to increase discount
You can now apply your reward immediately to your cart or save it for later. Choose the reward you'd like to apply, then click 'Apply code'.
Click 'Apply code'
Now close T·L·C Rewards and return to your cart. Your new total will now be visible.
Your new total will now be visible
How many TOVA COINS do I need to redeem a reward?
You need at least 100 TOVA COINS to redeem an order discount of $5. You can also save up your TOVA COINS in order to redeem for a higher order discount. For example, if you have 400 TOVA COINS, these can be redeemed to get a $20 order discount, 500 TOVA COINS can be redeemed to get a $25, and so on (up to a discount of $50).
How can I earn TOVA COINS?
There are several ways to earn TOVA COINS which you can see under the 'Ways to earn' tab on your T·L·C Rewards summary. You can access T·L·C Rewards by clicking the present icon at the bottom of the screen. Earning TOVA COINS can be as simple as liking us on Facebook or reviewing a purchased product. You also earn 1 TOVA COIN for every $1 you spend at www.tlanghans.com, so the more you spend, the more you earn!
Ways to earn
What can I get with my TOVA COINS?
TOVA COINS can be redeemed for order discounts in increments of $5 or use 200 TOVA COINS for a free shipping coupon.
Can I earn TOVA COINS without an account?
Yes; if you are using the same email each time at Check Out, even as a Guest, you will still accrue TOVA COINS. However, you can only redeem your points after creating an account. Don't have an account? Sign up here!
I want to use two reward codes but it won't let me.
You can only use one reward/discount code per order.
Can I get TOVA COINS if I refer someone to T·L?
You won't earn TOVA COINS, but you can earn $10 off an order for both you and the person you referred. You can find your referral link below the 'Ways to redeem' button.
Referral link
If you send a friend a referral link, they get a $10 discount for any order over $50 before shipping and tax. Once they've made their order, you'll be emailed your $10 discount.
I've added my reward code to my order but it's not working.
You can only use a reward code if you're order is over $50 before tax and shipping. If your order is at least $50 and your code still isn't working, it may be because it has already been redeemed.  Please contact us for help.