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About T•LANGHANS Eco-Luxury Body Care

The “T” in T•LANGHANS stands for Tova

t (o)va_ Heb. adj. good/bon

t (o)va_Swed. adj. beautiful/beau

At T•LANGHANS we like things that smell Good.
We like things that are Beautiful.
We like things that are Good for you
…and the Environment.

Now that’s Beautiful!

You could say that I got my start in the soap business at a very early age. Carving elephants and canoes out of Ivory soap in 3rd grade must have planted that germ of passion.  

But the path is rarely a straight one. Fashion and art modelling kept me busy in my early years, until I found myself preferring to spend my time indulging my hobby, hand-sculpting clay.  I found being so directly involved in the creative process liberating. I would eventually sell my one-of-a-kind pieces privately as well as through shows like The One of a Kind Gift Show and in the gift store at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was very rewarding work, and I loved my clients, but the wear and tear on my hands forced me to give it up. My love of horses and interest in fitness led me to managing a hunter/jumper show barn for the next 10 years. When my job evaporated with a change in policy, I seized on the opportunity. 

I'd been playing around with soap recipes for family and friends with encouraging feedback. I fantasized with a friend about having a studio stocked with all the ingredients and equipment I'd need to develop this beautiful Castile soap. I'll always be grateful for the offer of seed money that came out of that conversation. I couldn't believe my luck, I was now able to execute my vision for my new business while being a stay at home mom for my daughter.  

The path is also rarely without obstacles. I launched my new soap business, Tova Naturals, at the 2012, Toronto Yoga Conference & Show. Two days after the show I received a call from Rima Biback,  head of Research & Development for Roots Canada. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine! A few days later I received another unexpected phone call, this time from Tova Borgnine, 5th wife of the late great character actor, Ernest Borgnine. Tova informed me that she too had a beauty company called "Tova", which was trademarked worldwide. So, when Roots stayed committed to their order despite our being in the midst of re-branding, I knew that I’d proven the quality of my creations.  

That faith opened the floodgates to the possibilities of expanding the line using my core ingredients of virgin olive oil and pure essential oils. I’m very proud of the complementary products I now offer, but I’m not done yet. My wish list is influenced by my customers’ feedback, which can be so helpful in guiding me. I’m very excited by how this line can evolve, and just as excited to present it to you as it does. 

Tova Langhans

Eco~Luxury Body Care