Several years ago, I tried a unique hair product that was a shampoo and conditioner in one and that didn’t foam. Essentially it was a Cleansing Conditioner. I loved the idea of the productsomething that cleans in one step without stripping the hair of all the good natural oils (sebum) that you want to keep it healthy and shiny. After looking at the ingredient list I was shocked at all the unnecessary ingredients it contained. From then on, I was on a mission to create one of my own that had only necessary and natural ingredients. After several years of trial and error (quality takes time!), I created our T•L Cleansing Conditioner. I needed to get it just right so it could be used daily and would work for multiple hair types. If you can get used to a non-foaming shampoo, we think you’ll agree this product will give you the healthiest hair you’ve ever had.

  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • Coco-Betaine
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Gluten
  • Fragrance Oil